I just finished a basic version of an interactive “Keyboard” or “Button array”.

Basicly its the wiimote, looking at a peice of paper where are placed/drawned/glued buttons, that you can activate.

The sheet of paper is only used for calibration purpose.

For the moment, the only buttons i programmed are to control Winamp

NO OTHER MEDIA PLAYER IS SUPPORTED YET, This it not a complete version, just a test.

What do you need?

-A wiimote (of course)

-A Infrared pen, or any other Infrared source. You must be able to switch it on easily, since lighting your IR will result in a “click”.

How to make it work:

Connect your wiimote with your favorite blue tooth program ( Bluesoleil is the most compatible)

-Print the Image that is in the zip file

-Position the wiimote at a 90 degree angle, looking at the peice of paper that you just printed.
The button B on the wiimote, must be in your direction, otherwise it won’t work. In other word, the B button is equivalent to the Bottom side of the paper sheet

– Open the program and press calibration button,Press on each corner of the sheet when asked, you can restart calibration any time if you did something wrong.

After calibration you will be able to see where your IR pen is clicking, inside or even outside your paper

When its finished you will be able to use the sheet of paper to control winamp!

The calibration process is really simplified for the moment, so if you don’t install your wiimote at exaclly 90 degree, you WILL lose precision.

For the next version of this, i will make it easy to add new buttons direcly in the program, adding fonctions for new button and more.

I will also add new types of button, like faders, scroll bars and more, this could be used in alot of applications, like creating a cheap DJ board that controls a media player on your computer.

This is the buttons you will be able to control:

And the Download: