Collective brainstorm

August 1, 2008

I am currently looking for more ideas for a program using the Wiimote!
Did you ever dreamed a specific program for the wiimote? Ill do what i can do code it!

Post it in comments!


10 Responses to “Collective brainstorm”

  1. zapatilla Says:

    Hi…not a specific idea for program but, do you know if the wiimote can be used with PowerBuilder?

  2. Joe Says:

    I’m looking at hacking together an example program to demonstrate the wii’s capabilities.

    What I’d like to do is have a Simon Says type of program. Here’s how I think it would work.

    Setup a wiimote on the top of the computer screen. Next to have an IR floodlight (an array of IR LEDs)

    Using IR reflective tape, stick four pieces of tape on a persons body. Say one on the forehead and one each on the hand, elbow and shoulder.

    We could then make an onscreen sprite demonstrate a range of motion with their arm and then the user would have to copy it.

    Any ideas on how to make this work?


  3. Mike B Says:


    I was wondering if it might be possible to program the Wiimote as an old school joystick. I’ve tried to do it myself, actually, but I seem to have problems with precision and the like.

    So here’s what I was thinking… let’s say you were running “The Legend of Zelda” (original) on your PC. Your Wiimote is connected to your computer. You hold the Wiimote upright (with the IR camera facing the ceiling). That would be the neutral position. By tilting the Wiimote left, you move Link left. Right would move him right, etc. Angle would not change Link’s travel speed, since that is obviously not a part of the game’s software, but you would have to tilt to a certain angle for the input to work (to prevent accidental turns).

    Maybe you’re playing a Flight Simulator. In this case, the software might come with the type of functionality where you tilt the joystick slightly to angle your plane’s direction slightly. Again, you can tilt the Wiimote to achieve this effect.

    I figure to differentiate between control styles like the two above, there would be a user interface for saved settings.

    What do you think?

  4. Ben Jones Says:

    As a massive Wiihack user (mostly Whiteboard) I think what teh Wiihack really needs is a easy connect utility. One that works on all stacks (widdcomm/bluesoleil/Windows). Their is a connect utility but it only works with the Windows default stack.

    Ben 🙂

  5. Federico Says:

    I want a Theremin with the Wii!!!

    can you help me?


  6. drummer Says:

    i know there alot of wii drum programs out there,
    but i want 1 with wii balance board support for the kick,
    and the most important (!) is that the drums dont change sound with button press but with the angle in wich you hold the wiimote, like on a real drum.

    i dont think this exist yet.

    this would make an awesome practising soft for me since playing drums at home is way to loud and an electric drum kit way to expensive

    p.s. my english sucks…

  7. Bokonon Says:

    I liked your simple DJ program. You should map the Wii remote and infrared pens to work with an advanced dj program such as VIRTUAL DJ, or SERATO. Also, there are tons of things I could Imagine you could do with a wii remote and music composition programs like REASON by propellerheads software.

  8. David Sauer Says:

    Please Contact me About programming an application for wiimote. I would rather not post my idea to a public forum. Thank you.

  9. Alexander Holthoer Says:

    Hello there!
    Are you still in for useful ideas on the Wiimote? I have ideas but lack the skill to make them reality (sad but true..). I´m looking for an bunch of interactive “virtual coaching” programs (especially track&field) to speed up the immediate feedback and analysis of practice with practical biomechanics, taking it a step further from streaming videoanalysis a.s.o.
    If this could catch your interest, please mail me?

  10. Hi,
    I’m hoping that you are still accepting ideas on different applications which need coding for the WiiRemote. I do not have any experience with coding so I don’t have a clue. I would like to be able to draw in color in 2 dimensional, in the air and be able to see it on the monitor. Is this possible? would it be simple to code? A bonus would be if there was a way that whatever was drawn was shown as a violet colored fiery line or stroke. My desire is to be able to draw simple geometric shapes with a screen erase function built into the glove.

    Thank You for your time and consideration,

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