WiimoteDJ v0.1

August 19, 2008

This is the first version of an interactive DJ deck.

It works on the concept of my ( Interactive button application )
You can use a Infraredpen to control virtual buttons and sliders.
You can control 2 different music, with volume control, balance, and mix the 2 tracks.
The next/previous buttons are not working yet, ill implant a playlist on the next version.
There are some problems with the volume when changing mp3s, i will fix that in the next version too.
Here is the deck you will be able to control:

Instructions on how it works are inside the program.
And the download link:



2 Responses to “WiimoteDJ v0.1”

  1. Mr X Says:

    Hello ! I am a french user of the whiteboard system (with the Infrared light pen) and I thought of a programm. I will try to explain my idea clearly (I’m afraid I’m not good enough in english). I’ve seen in my school a classic whiteboard (which costs about 700 euros). The programm allows the user to control the mouse AND the user is also able to draw “by top the screen”,like a classic board with classic pens. When the programm is launched, there is a “circle” that the user can move as he wants. In this circle there is a button that allows to choose between “classicboard mode” and “mouse control mode”. When we click on the classicboard, the screen become a little “grey” (like a grey veil but very light) and we can choose the color and the thickness of the line that we want to draw. Then, when we click on the “mouse control mode” button, all is cleared (or erased : I don’t know which one I should use…) and we control the mouse again, I mean as in Johnny Lee’s whiteboard system. So I was wondering : Is it possible to create a similar programm ? Even if it’s not as complex as the one I tried to describe ?
    I hope that my mail is understandable and that my idea is interesting enough. Please answer me as soon as possible.

  2. Joshua Says:

    Wiimote DJ doesn’t work for me, every time I open it, it keeps crashing! what should I do to fix this problem?
    yours sincerely,

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